Occupational Therapy

Our licensed Occupational Therapists work with children on evaluation and treatment of sensory integration, fine motor skills (handwriting, cutting with scissors, manipulating fasteners such as buttons), Gross motor skills (jumping, climbing etc), play skills, visual/ perceptual skills and self-care skills (dressing, feeding). Interventions are tailored to each individual child with an emphasis of promoting each child's capacity for independent functioning and integration of motor skills and sensory modulation into daily routines and self help capacities.

As a parent, please expect to take an active part in your child's occupational therapy sessions. This will ensure not only more meaningful learning and development, but also the more effective carryover of the learned skills to your child's everyday activities. As well, our Occupational therapists are available for consultation at school and at home in order to further promote integration into your child's daily environment.

Social skills groups

Social skills groups provide an additional medium for children to learn and practice sensory modulation skills, social skills, play skill, and communication with peers through natural play based interaction with other children. Our social skills groups are typically facilitated by one or two White Tulip clinicians. Children are carefully matched to groups based on their individual needs and therapists are assigned accordingly. Group activities are aimed at supporting children's sensory needs, self-esteem, social skills, problem solving and communication capacities in a natural environment. For some of the groups, a parent support component may also be available.

Developmental Play Group Parent Support Group Social Communication Group