Developmental Behavioral Support

Our Developmental Behavioral Support program offers home and school based support to children with developmental and communication challenges. All of our specialists undergo extensive training in child development and DIR®/Floortime™ model. They receive ongoing training and supervision by our director and participate in team meetings and ongoing collaboration and consultation with other White Tulip clinicians.

In-Home Support

Our specialists work with children 1:1 in the home environment on promoting their developmental and communication capacities. The emphasis is on providing additional support to families in the child's most familiar and intimate environment. Our specialists will also coach family members on ways to utilize daily routines and activities to further promote child's development and address possible behavioral concerns.

School/Preschool Based Inclusion Support

Our specialists are available to provide 1:1 support and assistance to children in the school or preschool environment. The emphasis is helping children take full advantage of social and learning opportunities provided by typical school environments including interaction with peers, effective communication and participation in group activities.