Our Approach

White Tulip is an interdisciplinary team of clinicians who work closely together, support each other in their work, and continuously learn from each other in order to increase our ability to provide the most integrated and comprehensive treatment to our clients.

Our approach to therapy is rooted in the belief that every individual is different and unique. Treatment is tailored specifically to every client based on their needs, strengths, and individual differences. We strongly believe in using every individual's strengths in order to help them overcome their difficulties and achieve their goals. Everyone has the capacity for change, growth, and realization of their full potential. Our goal is to help you reach it.

We employ a play based approach to treatment of children as we believe that play is the child's immediate and meaningful natural environment which provides the optimal medium for learning, development, and change. Through play children are also able to express their emotions and find solutions for conflicts in the most comfortable and least threatening way. Parents are partners in the treatment of the child and the child's immediate environment such as school, other therapies, and extended family are incorporated (as needed) to provide the most holistic and comprehensive treatment.

We utilize the DIR® (Development, Individual Differences, Relationship) and Floortime™ approach to treatment of children with developmental, social and emotional difficulties. This model was developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan and Dr. Serena Wieder and provides a comprehensive, individually tailored approach to treatment of children in their natural environment while utilizing their strengths, interests, and relationships with people who are most important in their lives. Floortime™ is a play based developmentally appropriate therapy that can be provided anywhere in the child's environment - at home, in a school, or at a park. We provide coaching, guidance and support to parents, teachers, and significant others in order to maximize the child's ability to benefit from this treatment outside of the therapy office.

To learn more about DIR® and Floortime™ please visit www.icdl.com or http://www.profectum.org